Sargi and Fasting Tips for Karva Chauth

Sargi and Fasting Tips for Karva Chauth

Karva chauth sargi, mehndi and bangles are the joys of karva chauth fast. Let me suggest some karva chauth recipes, how to break the fast and karve chauth sargi ideas and how to avoid headache and weakness.


Faulty fasting can sometimes have damaging repercussions, especially your health. So let’s make this Karva Chauth a special day for you and your health as well.

Karva Chauth Sargi

Sargi should comprise of fruits like berries, bananas, oranges, pomegranate, papaya and pears. These are an excellent source of soluble fiber.

To satisfy your carbohydrate quotient, have a good portion of paneer and an oatmeal or bran roti. Oats are a very good option as these have soluble fibers, which delay emptying of the stomach, thereby making one feel fuller for a longer period. Instead of sugary milk or tea, have a refreshing drink of lemon or lemongrass. Try not to follow sweets in the mornings with oily paranthas. Oily paranthas and sweets are only going to make you feel dizzy, thirsty, & hungry sooner as they affect your insulin activity. Try having fresh fruits and dried fruits instead, like almonds, dates, and figs.

Karva Chauth Sargi Foods

A bowl of mixed fruits
1 Oat or whole wheat roti
100 grams of cottage cheese with methi or mint leaves
½ cup of Dahi/Curd
*A few minutes later
Lemon water or coconut water
Few almonds, dates or figs along with some pomegranate (Ideal for delaying the thirst & hunger pangs).

Importance of having healthy Sargi
The meal had at Sargi will help you be content for the next few hours without any discomfort. Keep yourself busy the whole day to avoid thoughts of thirst or hunger. Though, our body can function without food for up to 48 hours but may show signs of dehydration without water very soon.
Exercising or strenuous movements will only leave you more tired and drained.

Tips While Breaking The Fast:
You might be very thirsty and hungry and can over-hydrate at one time, causing strain on kidneys and the gut. Be calm and you will be able to assess your body’s needs for food and water.
Start with a glass of plain water or any flavoured waters suggested above. Your body is usually tired and blood glucose level may be low
Eat a few dry fruits, a mixture of almonds, walnuts, raisins and some seeds like sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds will give you the right pump.
Drink a glass of water again to replenish your fluids and then eat your meal. The ideal meal here can be your favorite carbs to break down easily and faster in the bloodstream, to help refill our glycogen stores.
Avoid oily food always to avoid feeling heavier and tired.

How to Break Karva Chauth Fast:
A glass of water/ refreshing lemon water or coconut water
Some nuts and seeds – ½ a fistful
A glass of water
2-3 Idlies, or plain soda or whole wheat chapati
A bowl of dal or sambhar or sprouts
A bowl of yogurt
A bowl of veggies
A piece of dark chocolate to can satisfy your sweet cravings instead of heavy sugar and oil laden mithai.

Wishing you all beautiful women a very healthy and happy Karva Chauth.

Stay blessed & LiveLifeMore Together.

Why should you have breakfast? Benefits Of Healthy Breakfast

Why should you have breakfast? Benefits Of Healthy Breakfast

Good morning! Have a great day’, We all use this phrase to wish our loved ones. But researchers suggests that everyone out of the four Indians, is in the habit of skipping or neglecting a healthy breakfast, the very first task to start a day.

Benefits-of-BreakfastIf you are also following the same, then stop it today, as it would have a worse effect on your health & performance.

Friends let’s set a good healthy routine for our generations to follow, as they are going to do the same as they will see us doing with our routine.Thus, this article stresses on having a well-balanced breakfast as the priority to start a great day, in the real sense.


 Eat breakfast to:

  • Fuel up energy & boost your metabolism.
  • Get nourishment of calcium, vitamin B, iron, fiber & protein.( Researches have suggested that these nutrients cannot be supplemented throughout the day later on).
  • Empower cognitive functioning.
  • To prevent diseases as blood pressure, diabetes, heart troubles.
  • To lose weight.
  • Create healthy habits.
  • Better behavior & performance.

Firstly, give up the habit of having a coffee or tea to give yourself a kick start for an energetic day. Below are the far healthier options to boost you:

  • ApplesMOVING FOR EARLY MORNING LECTURE OR FLIGHT, PICK AN APPLE…..Full of fiber, natural sugars, antioxidant & minerals. Will make you feel equally energetic as coffee but healthier and nutritious option. ( 13g of natural sugar in one apple)?
  • Eggs– A GREAT TREAT FOR 8-9 a.m., EGG- an ITARIANS….healthy dose of proteins, omega 3& other nutrients.
  • Oatmeal–AN EASY TO PREPARE BREAKFAST MEAL…. Full of fiber or complex carbs to kickstart metabolic rate and feel you full for long.
  • Chocolate shake – TOP OF ALL THE OPTIONS FOR YOUR LITTLE HERO & FOR YOU, ALIKE….The protein calcium of milk, supplemented with a mild dose of natural caffeine to boost mental as well as physical alertness.
  • Chia seeds– A TINY SEEDS TO GIVE A GREAT BOOST TO BRAIN…Add these omega 3 rich pearls to your smoothies or salads, to keep yourself hydrated for longer periods of work.
  • Honey– ADDS NATURAL SWEETNESS with a fat burning element that will boost your system for much longer than a cup of coffee.… drizzle to your fruit bowl, toast or yogurt.
Lose Weight The Healthy Way These Navratras

Lose Weight The Healthy Way These Navratras

Navratri Fasting Weight Loss Diet Tips

Courtesy: NDTV

Navratras are believed to be the most powerful and auspicious days in the Hindu religion. In order to empower oneself with the blessings of Devi Durga, devotees stick to certain strict fasting & yet feasting rules for full length of 9 days period. I consider them to be the best time to purify & detoxify the body as well as the soul.

This article may help you in understanding the real benefits that can be derived by your body by following the healthy dietary options. Also, to get aware about the positivity of Navratri days on health, as well as life. Thus, eradicating the mood-forced concept of adding extra kilos at the end of 9 days period.

‘Navratri Diet’ For Keeping Watch Over Weight

If a good less fat diet, with least frying method is preferred, then the NAVRATRI days could be called as CLEAN-DETOX diet days. This regimen of eating can surely be the best way achieve health in Navratras.

An example for diet plan (1100-1200 kcal):

Morning:   Milk (1 cup)  + Soaked almond (6 nos.)
Milk and Fruit Shake and 50 g paneer

Mid-day:   Fruit Yogurt (1 Katori) OR Vegetable and Fruit Chat

Lunch:       Buckwheat Rotis – 2/Swank Rice + Ghiya vegetable  + 1K Curd

Evening:   Tea – 1 cup
Roasted makhana – A fistful

Dinner:      Sabudana chaat – 1 bowl
Makhane Chat
Fruit Chat

Before retiring – 1 Milk -1 cup (without sugar).

IMPORTANT: Do Keep Yourself Hydrated With Lemonade, Coconut Water, Or Plain Water.

How adding colours to your diet can help you Live Life More

How adding colours to your diet can help you Live Life More

holi greetings from LiveLifeMore

Holify your life with colous of fruits and wegetables

Holi – the colourful festival is here. Can you ever imagine the world without colour? A research published recently recommended that colour should be the one factor that you should consider when you pick a fruit or vegetable for yourself. According to this study, Mother Nature helps you identify foods with specific nutrients based on the colour that the nutrients impart to the food itself.

Coloured foods are said to contain phytonutrients, which are the plant compounds that can help you stay in good health. Based on the colour of the foods, you can gain different nutrients that may put you in the driving seat as far as health and well-being is concerned.

On this festival of colours, here’s what coloured foods can do for you for your health.

Each color of different foods adds different nutrients that are beneficial to your body. To get your array of color try these different foods:

Orange & Yellow
These foods are high in antioxidants such as Vitamin A and C which can improve your immunity and your protection against oxidative stress which causes variety of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer etc. They include oranges, pepper, mango, carrots, lemon, papaya, pineapple, and pumpkin.

Blue & Purple
These foods often contain a phytonutrient called anthocyanins, which can help improve your memory and reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. These include eggplant, grapes, plums, raisins, blueberries, and prunes.

Green foods contain the green pigment known as chlorophyll and are also high in essential nutrients such as folic acid (folate) and carotenoids (precursors of Vitamin A)  to help improve vision and reduce risk of disease. These include spinach, brocolli, asparagus, fenugreek leaves (methi), mustard leaves (sarson ka saag) and celery.

These foods contain anthocyanins and lycopene, both the heart friendly compounds. These include tomato, red pepper, apples, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, beets, watermelon, and pomegranate.

White is a colour too that can add health. White coloured foods are said to contain nutrients such as alicin which can help promote heart health and reduce risk of disease. These include cauliflower, onion, potato, banana, garlic, and mushrooms.

So, including a rainbow of colours in your diet can make your food colorful and your cells will thank you! Stay blessed & Live Life More!

9 Tips For a Leaner ‘YOU’ these Navratras

9 Tips For a Leaner ‘YOU’ these Navratras

May Maa Durga empower you & your family with her nine swaroopas of name, fame, health, wealth, happiness, humanity, education, bhakti and Shakti… HAPPY NAVRATRAS!

It’s about fast, and judicious feast as well. Navratras mean nine days of fast, prayers and celebrations. Don’t pile up the unnecessary calories, which can be avoided, and still enjoy the diet.

Navratra 1

9 Tips for a leaner ‘YOU’ these Navratras..

  1. Eat after every 3 hours. Small meals at regular intervals keeps metabolism intact.
  2. Take more of yogurt, smoothies and fruits etc. which fill you up and maintain required fluid level in your body.
  3. Make boiled potato chat with green chutney, curd and boiled potato. Add some rock salt and black pepper.
  4. Replace kheer with mixed fruit curd.
  5. Instead of making kuttu pakodas and puri make kuttu ki roti, add radish and its leaves to make it soft.
  6. Try to make samak chawal idli and dosa.
  7. Replace whole/full fat milk with skimmed milk.
  8. Drink coconut water, lemonade whenever you feel like. If you are herbal tea fan then go ahead with that as well.
  9. Instead of making potatoes bhaji all the time, make pumpkin and ghiya/ lauki  (bottle guard) in different form like soups to fill you up with a few calories.

We hope these tips will reduce your calories intake while fasting but keep up your metabolism at the same time.

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