Navratri Fasting Weight Loss Diet Tips

Courtesy: NDTV

Navratras are believed to be the most powerful and auspicious days in the Hindu religion. In order to empower oneself with the blessings of Devi Durga, devotees stick to certain strict fasting & yet feasting rules for full length of 9 days period. I consider them to be the best time to purify & detoxify the body as well as the soul.

This article may help you in understanding the real benefits that can be derived by your body by following the healthy dietary options. Also, to get aware about the positivity of Navratri days on health, as well as life. Thus, eradicating the mood-forced concept of adding extra kilos at the end of 9 days period.

‘Navratri Diet’ For Keeping Watch Over Weight

If a good less fat diet, with least frying method is preferred, then the NAVRATRI days could be called as CLEAN-DETOX diet days. This regimen of eating can surely be the best way achieve health in Navratras.

An example for diet plan (1100-1200 kcal):

Morning:   Milk (1 cup)  + Soaked almond (6 nos.)
Milk and Fruit Shake and 50 g paneer

Mid-day:   Fruit Yogurt (1 Katori) OR Vegetable and Fruit Chat

Lunch:       Buckwheat Rotis – 2/Swank Rice + Ghiya vegetable  + 1K Curd

Evening:   Tea – 1 cup
Roasted makhana – A fistful

Dinner:      Sabudana chaat – 1 bowl
Makhane Chat
Fruit Chat

Before retiring – 1 Milk -1 cup (without sugar).

IMPORTANT: Do Keep Yourself Hydrated With Lemonade, Coconut Water, Or Plain Water.