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  • At LiveLifeMore, you will only be consulting only a qualified Indian dietitian and health professional. Though we do observe all the due diligence in customized nutrition & lifestyle changes we advise after health evaluation and a health assessment, it in no manner replaces or substitutes for the services of a physician or a doctor seeing you in person.
  • We are providing you with an opportunity to transform your health & life through research-backed diet & lifestyle changes as per your current health concerns & goals. This is a time-intensive effort on our part, and as a wise person once said, ‘Time is money’, we would be charging you for the expertise that we have acquired with an investment of our time in this field of holistic health and expect you to respect it. We are not indebted to you in any way for the money you pay us, neither can it be used to take advantage of us in any way.
  • The effort and the time we both put in are beneficial only if we are sincere to each other. While we are committed to putting our best effort into improving your health, we do expect the same sincerity from you. We would encourage you to set a high bar in sincere efforts, honesty, transparency, commitment, respect, and patience for yourself before embarking upon this journey and keep at the same level throughout the journey.
  • We do not believe in time-bound temporary lifestyle changes. It is a gradual process that is going to take time for you to get used to and some effort from your side. Please do not expect any quick fix in treating Thyroid, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, or PCOD/S as it would be unrealistic. Lifestyle changes are about changing habits through changing the mindsets which are going to take time, so kindly do not expect miracles in a week’s or a month’s time. Lifestyle-related conditions may or may not get fully cured but can surely be managed with the recommended diet & lifestyle modifications as we focus on root cause rather than managing the symptoms.
  • We encourage you to ask questions from time to time to understand the logic behind every recommendation being passed on to you if you have doubts instead of forming an opinion. Every recommendation of ours has a valid reason, and we would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you. But please keep it restricted to that only. Challenging our learnings just to satisfy an ego would only impede the process of your health journey. Let us strive to keep your journey with us respectful and trustworthy which is so important for the results to come. Once the results are there you will be happy with your decision of believing in our learnings.
  • We firmly believe in improving your health and healing the inner root cause through natural health, but, if need be, we might recommend some nutritional or herbal supplements to enhance the results from the best-suited source to YOU. We do not believe in selling the supplements to you & have no hidden margin in our recommendations. It is completely your choice whether to take those supplements, or whether you’d like to consult your physician before doing so. You are in no way bound to take them.
  • You are hereby committing to take responsibility for your own actions and understand that holistic health & nutrition advice can only guide and cannot control what you actually consume vs. what was prescribed.
  • In weight loss, as the general trend is… we DO NOT guarantee time-bound 5, 10 or 20 kilo weight loss programs. Your body can safely lose 2-3 kilos/inches in a month, and the fat you lose with our advice will not bounce back if you remain self-disciplined through the maintenance advice we share. Our diet plans are not quick-fix fad diets that you follow for temporary results. Instead, the food prescribed is which you can sustain for lifelong, and hence get permanent outcomes resulting in a lifestyle change.
  • Payments: Payments are accepted in full amount at the onset of the plans.
  • Upgrades: A program/plan once enrolled in, can ONLY be upgraded within the first 2 weeks from the start date. Downgrades are not allowed.
  • Transfers: Our programs are non-transferable. If in a case due to a medical or other urgent reason, you are not able to continue the program, we may be able to approve the transfer request provided you can present relevant evidence. Note that if approved, a standard transfer fee of Rs. 1000/- (in case of transfer to existing client) or Rs.2000/- (in case of transfer to a new enrollment/non-member) will be applicable for our clients physically located in INDIA not INTERNATIONALLY.
  • We do not encourage breaks in the plans as they might hinder the flow of the recommended diet and lifestyle changes and hence the desired results. Above all, the new lifestyle changes are about integrating those into your routine life regardless of it’s challenges. Breaks in the form of holidays/vacations, weddings or family functions, travel plans or not feeling well should not become a reason to stop eating healthy. Still, if for some other unavoidable circumstances, you need to pause your program, feel free to get in touch with us. If the break is approved, you are entitled to have a maximum of 3 weeks break in 6 month program, and 6 weeks break in 12 month program. Hold/Pause facility is not applicable to 1, 2, or 3 months plans.
  • Missed appointments: If you miss your online appointment and do not notify us, it is your responsibility to reach out to us and reschedule your next appointment.
  • Refunds: Once you have paid for a program, the No Refund policy applies. Due to the nature of services involved, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.
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