How to DETOX after Diwali or Festive season?

How to DETOX after Diwali or Festive season?

Looking for a simple home remedy to get rid of the heaviness, bloating & constipation? In this article, we are sharing an effective way to Detox after Diwali or Festive Season.

How to Detox after Diwali or Festive season?

You have been meeting friends and family and enjoying their hospitality or have been showing your hospitality. Healthy eating may have taken a back seat during the celebrations. And, now you are feeling bloated, constipation, tired or exhausted and guilty. Aren’t you??

Some herbal tea can help cleanse the body from within by behaving like a natural cleanser and laxative.

Herbal teas are undoubtedly one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that provide many short and long-term health benefits, including weight loss. Post-Diwali or after eating out too much, you would want to detox your body to get your digestive health back on track. Here comes the role of the herbal teas, such as ginger-basil tea, which is an excellent natural remedy for fighting the harmful effects of indulgence in too many crappy foods and also air pollution.

As the air around us is on the hazardous levels of air pollution, you need something that will not only protect your lungs from the toxic air during the festive season but also helps you burn calories, thus helping you stay fit and healthy. Taking herbal tea can help fight the cold, improve digestion, lower blood pressure, boost up metabolism and provide relief from stress and anxiety. Herbal tea is also good for your skin and hair.

Let me share the recipe of a herbal tea to help your lungs, detox your body and enhance weight loss:

Fresh Ginger and Basil tea for Detoxification, Weight loss, Healthy lungs and more…

Why Ginger?

– Ginger is one of the oldest home remedies that can help ease digestion, nausea and improve appetite.
– Very potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in ginger can help in relieving congestion and throat pain.
– Ginger tea boosts the immune system and detoxifies the body.
– Ginger is a great weight loss drink by helping you burn more calories.

Why Holy basil Tulsi?

Holy basil, or tulsi in Hindi, has immense health benefits.
– From leaves to the seed, the herb has been used for treating different ailments, such as bronchitis, stomach ulcers, malaria, nausea and vomiting, diabetes, etc.
– Holy basil has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and immune-boosting properties.
– Holy basil can also help in weight loss and cholesterol management since it improves metabolic stress

How to make ginger basil tea

• 2 cups boiling water
• 1/2 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated
• 4 -5 fresh basil leaves
• Bring the water to a boil.
• Add the ginger and basil leaves to the water and brew for 5-10 minutes.
• Press the basil leaves gently to get more flavour out of them.
• Strain off ginger and basil leaves.

So this herbal concoction is now ready to be consumed.

You can drink it hot or cold. Let this magic tea detoxify your body, lose weight, overcome the harmful effects of air pollution and smog.

Stay blessed & LiveLifeMore!!!

What is Tragacanth Gum and Health Benefits of Gond Katira

What is Tragacanth Gum and Health Benefits of Gond Katira

Tragacanth Gum / Gond Katira is a plant gum. There are amazing health benefits of Gond Katira / Gondh Katira which the author highlights in this article.

Tragacanth Gum -Health Benefits of Gondh Katira

Whats is Gond Katira?

Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum) has a cooling effect on the body. It is a solid gum in white or light yellow colour which becomes soft after absorbing water once soaked in it.

what is Gond Katira

It is very useful if consumed during summers. It is usually consumed mixed in lemon water or in milk.

Why Gond Katira?

It cools down the heat formed in the body. in addition to it, it is a good source of protein & folic acid which prevent many health conditions in the body. let us learn what all diseases & conditions can be prevented with the use of Tragacanth Gum or Gond Katira.

Health Benefits of Gond Katira (Tragacanth Gum):

1. Boost your energy


boost energy - Health Benefits of Gond Katira

If you are feeling weakness in the body or you tend to get tired easily with minimal exertion, then using Tragacanth Gum can be beneficial. You can consume Katira Gond / Tragacanth Gum in milk & sugar in the morning and you will feel fresh through the day.

2. Prevents Heat Stroke

In peak summers, the cooling benefits of  Tragacanth Gum or Katira Gond can prevent heat stroke or sun-stroke in people who have to go who stay outdoors in a hot climate. It can be consumed even twice daily as soaked in a chilled beverage like milkshake or sharbats.

3. Helps in Constipation


Gond Katira is an amazing laxative i.e. it can stimulate the evacuation of bowel movement. If you are facing the problem of constipation frequently, then try taking tragacanth gum daily.

4. Pregnant Women


Helps in pregnant-women - benefits of Tragacanth Gum

Tragacanth Gum or Katira Gond has high nutritional value. This is the reason it can be used during pregnancy because a woman requires better nutrition for their and their baby’s health. Generally, Sugar or jaggery containing Ladoos or handmade balls of Gond Katira mixed with a finely ground powder of channa (Bengal gram ) or Dal (Lentil) are given to pregnant ladies since ages in India.

5. Improves burning sensation in hands & Feet


burning sensation in hands & Feet Benefits of Tragacanth Gum

It improves burning sensation in hands & feet as it is a common problem in some people. For this, 2 teaspoons of Tragacanth Gum (Gond Katira) should be soaked in a glass of water & should be consumed in the morning with sweetened drinks or milk.

6. Heals Mouth Ulcers


Helps in mouth ulcers - Health Benefits of Gond Katira

If you are suffering from mouth ulcers, you can use finely ground paste of Gond Katira on your ulcers for a fast immediate relief. It helps by reducing the inflammation thereby reducing redness & pain caused by ulcers.

7. Helps in Weight Loss


Helps in Weight loss benefits of Gond Katira

Katira Gond or Tragacanth Gum is rich in fiber & has the properties to boost the metabolism of the body. High fiber content means more satiety & lower frequency of hunger pangs. The increased metabolic rate would automatically increase energy requirements of the body thereby leaving a lesser number of calories to get converted to fat. So, if you intend to lose extra body weight or are on weight maintenance diet, Gond Katira can help you up to a great extent.

8. Good For Glowing Skin

Katira Gond is wonderful for the skin as it contains soluble fiber that detoxifies the system & helps to improve the complexion & glow of the skin.

Eating Gond Katira daily can work wonders in improving the skin quality by reducing the wrinkles and improving the elasticity of the skin thereby working as an anti-aging remedy for the skin.

Prepare Mask For Glowing Skin


Good For Glowing Skin - uses of Gond Katira

You can also apply a mask prepared with soaked Gond Katira Powder with 3 teaspoons of almond powder, 3 teaspoons of milk, 1 egg white mixed with 10 teaspoons of rose water. Mix all these ingredients well till it becomes like a paste and then apply on your face and neck. let it dry for 15 minutes and face it finally with water for a glowing wrinkle free skin.

9. Can improve the Immune System

If you have recurrent infections such as a cough & cold and have a compromised immunity, you can have amazing results in improving your defence against infections by consuming Gond Katira or Tragacanth Gum.

10. Improves Libido in men


Improves Libido in men - Health Benefits of Gond Katira

Whether you have low libido or you suffer from early discharge or nightfall, regular use of Tragacanth Gum or Katira Gond can help you tremendously.

Puffy Eyes – Causes & Natural Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Puffy Eyes – Causes & Natural Home Remedies For Swollen Eyes

Puffiness around eyes or swelling on the eyelids and under eye bags are common problems. In this video Dietitian, Pallavi Jassal explains common causes and simple easy to do home remedies to get rid of Puffy Eyes.

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