Good morning! Have a great day’, We all use this phrase to wish our loved ones. But researchers suggests that everyone out of the four Indians, is in the habit of skipping or neglecting a healthy breakfast, the very first task to start a day.

Benefits-of-BreakfastIf you are also following the same, then stop it today, as it would have a worse effect on your health & performance.

Friends let’s set a good healthy routine for our generations to follow, as they are going to do the same as they will see us doing with our routine.Thus, this article stresses on having a well-balanced breakfast as the priority to start a great day, in the real sense.


 Eat breakfast to:

  • Fuel up energy & boost your metabolism.
  • Get nourishment of calcium, vitamin B, iron, fiber & protein.( Researches have suggested that these nutrients cannot be supplemented throughout the day later on).
  • Empower cognitive functioning.
  • To prevent diseases as blood pressure, diabetes, heart troubles.
  • To lose weight.
  • Create healthy habits.
  • Better behavior & performance.

Firstly, give up the habit of having a coffee or tea to give yourself a kick start for an energetic day. Below are the far healthier options to boost you:

  • ApplesMOVING FOR EARLY MORNING LECTURE OR FLIGHT, PICK AN APPLE…..Full of fiber, natural sugars, antioxidant & minerals. Will make you feel equally energetic as coffee but healthier and nutritious option. ( 13g of natural sugar in one apple)?
  • Eggs– A GREAT TREAT FOR 8-9 a.m., EGG- an ITARIANS….healthy dose of proteins, omega 3& other nutrients.
  • Oatmeal–AN EASY TO PREPARE BREAKFAST MEAL…. Full of fiber or complex carbs to kickstart metabolic rate and feel you full for long.
  • Chocolate shake – TOP OF ALL THE OPTIONS FOR YOUR LITTLE HERO & FOR YOU, ALIKE….The protein calcium of milk, supplemented with a mild dose of natural caffeine to boost mental as well as physical alertness.
  • Chia seeds– A TINY SEEDS TO GIVE A GREAT BOOST TO BRAIN…Add these omega 3 rich pearls to your smoothies or salads, to keep yourself hydrated for longer periods of work.
  • Honey– ADDS NATURAL SWEETNESS with a fat burning element that will boost your system for much longer than a cup of coffee.… drizzle to your fruit bowl, toast or yogurt.