Keto diet foods are very much in trend today. We at Live Life More Diet Clinic, have tried to suggest few Keto diets plans, especially keto diet for Indians, who are majorly vegetarians. These foods are the meal plans that set our body into the state of “ketosis”.


A keto diet is well known for being a low carb diet.


A diet with low carbohydrates, moderate proteins & high-fat content, has been proved to be very helpful in various conditions from epileptic treatment to anti-obesity or weight loss. It is believed that while on ketogenic or low-carb high-fat diet plan, our metabolism sets our body into the fat burning furnace, resulting in weight loss. More ketone bodies are produced which act as fuel for the brain and also improves the physical performance, thus, are used for athletes to provide them with more stamina for practice.


As it is also referred to be a low carb diet plan, thus, precisely, a diet routine using fats as a major source of energy for the body is called a ketogenic diet. There are a number of forms of KETO diets like Atkins, Paleo etc. But in strict sense to set the body in ketosis following must be the macro composition-

  • CARBOHYDRATES – 5 percent.
  • PROTEINS – (20-25) percent.
  • FATS – 70 percent.

Thus, for 1600 kcal KETO diet:

  • Carbohydrates – 20 g/ day.
  • Proteins – 80 g/ day.
  • Fats – 130 g/ day.

How does KETO plan work as anti- obesity diet, which helps in weight loss?

KETO plan feeds lesser carbohydrates in a day.

  • Using fat as a fuel, letting body enter the state of ketosis.
  • Ketosis is breaking down of stored fat in the liver to produce energy. Thus, the stored fat will be used and you lose weight.
  • As the fat will not be deposited in the body, you will become leaner and healthier.
  • Finally, with a lesser fat deposit in the body, you will be saved from many other harmful conditions like heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol levels etc.


A number of times we scroll on the web in search of the food plan that can help us understand that what foods can be used in KETO plan. But mostly that we get into our vision are the products that we Indians are not using in our diets. So, here is a sample of some useful tips that can help you choose wisely from the variety of eatables to get benefitted by the Indianized KETO foods for vegetarians (as veg eaters consume more carbs then non- vegetarians).


Protein sources Fat & oil sources Low carbs


Dairy foods Fruits
Almonds. Olive oil Beans Butter Blackberries
Pumpkin, Chia Seeds Coconut oil


Cucumber Paneer Strawberries
Tofu Flax seed oil Spinach Hard full fat cheese Avocado
Walnuts. Avocado Pepper Cream

(whipped & sour)

Pista, Cashew Cocoa butter Onion Yogurt
Almond flour Peanut oil Tomato Cream cheese
Soya flour Ghee Broccoli Coconut butter
Summer Squash

Sample Keto Diet Meal Plan


  • Paneer or Soya Patties -2.
  • Avocado-1.


  • Tofu salad – Toss 3 cups of lettuce, crumbled tofu, tomato with 2 tbsp. Mayo.
  • Yogurt with chia seeds.


  • Strawberries smoothie with whipped cream.


  • Baked broccoli & pepper with 2 tbsp. of olive oil with soya roti coated with ghee.