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Weight loss is easier is initiated early & difficult if you wake up late

Try and control your weight before it becomes deep seated. 

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It is better to take action now & get rid of the extra weight than to think that you will try to lose it when you are grossly obese. As the older the fat gets, the tougher it becomes to get rid of it. According to senior wellness consultant & lifestyle physician Dr. Sandeep Jassal, the founder of LiveLifeMore® Diet & Wellness Clinic, it is easier to change the lifestyle for a shorter duration and shed a few kilograms than to shed 20 or 30 kilograms. Each kilogram of fat needs 9000 calories of energy deficit to be created in your body and if somebody is overweight by 30 kg, the deficit that has to be created is a mind boggling 270000 calories. And if you sustain a difficult task of an energy gap of 900 calories a day, it is going to take 300 days to achieve the weight loss. 

Dietitian Pallavi Jassal from LiveLifeMore® Diet & Wellness Clinic says that it is a tight rope walk to achieve a calorie loss of 900 calories per day side by side ensuring the adequate nutrition of the individual she is designing the diet plan for. Being an internationally certified nutritionist, she says that it is her priority to design a plan that is nutritionally sound and yet give the body a chance to use the fat stored inside to create the energy that the calorie restricted diet is deficient in. 

So, wake up & gear up to get lighter when you are not much over-weight.

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