Heart disease (Coronary Artery Disease) today is the most common cause of pre-mature death in the urban population. Despite this fact, few people understand what heart disease is & how to prevent it. Though many are familiar with catchwords like “heart attacks,” “high blood pressure,” “cholesterol,” or “coronary artery,” they lack a detailed understanding of these terms. This lack of knowledge may be acceptable when dealing with your car or mobile phone, but when it comes to your health & that of your loved ones, the basic knowledge about your heart may save your life. The management of heart diseases and those related to high blood pressure with drugs, interventional procedure like angiographies, angioplasties, stents etc. and heart surgeries like bypass, open heart etc. give mostly the palliative (stop gap) relief. They can cause a heavy financial drain both to patient, his family & the nation with no permanent cure. The answer thus lies in the prevention of the heart disease and prevention is probably the only cure.

Our Healthy Heart Program is a holistic program which teaches you about your heart disease risk factors and how to modify them to prevent a heart attack. The recommendations, as you will discover, are quite simple. We provide you with accurate information upon which to base intelligent decisions. Our goal is to dispel the fear of illness by making the subject of heart disease easier to understand, so that you can take the required preventive measures well in time and save yourself from untimely expenses & emotional loss.

Having seen what a powerful difference changes in diet and lifestyle can make, we want our program to be available to those who most need it the most i.e. the heart patients or those who don’t wish to undergo Heart Surgery or Ballooning but have been advised these procedures in the past, or those who have undergone these procedures but want to prevent further blockage, and for those who have modifiable risk factors like high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, obesity etc.

Through healthy lifestyle changes – proper nutrition, moderate aerobic exercise & yoga, stress management and Professional support from our Panel of experts including Heart specialists, Lifestyle Consultant & Nutritionist—the LiveLifeMore’s Healthy Heart Program improves the health and well-being of Program participants so they can live better.

What we promise is scientific knowledge in a format that does not require a medical degree to understand. On following the healthier lifestyle taught in the program, you may sharply reduce the odds of developing disease or make it less harmful. Utilizing the information imparted in the program, you will be able to modify your modifiable risk factors for heart disease (listed below) and improve chances of living longer and healthier.