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There is a confusion about the benefits of drinking Cold Water vs. Warm Water. Through this comparison, our health experts help you choose the right temperature of this hydrating fluid for your condition.  Read more to know more about the difference between Cold Water vs Warm Water.


Cold Water vs Warm Water

Cold Water

  1. The body has to spend energy to warm up water in order to use it.
  2. Helps to cool down the body after workout/exercise.
  3. Constricts blood vessels, this reduces hydration and absorption ability.
  4. Solidifies fats from food, causing the body to work harder to digest.

Warm Water

  • Soothes blood vessels, allows better hydration.
  • Helps move the fats along, reducing risks of clogged arteries and allows better digestion.
  • Helps to flush the kidneys and improve bowel movements.
  • When having a fever, warm water reduces the body’s effort to fight the virus.

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