It’s another day in your life and you’ve promised yourself this time you mean it to be serious about your health. Now you have decided the next three days, it’s nothing but salads, jogging, and protein foods. Then after one or two days unexpectedly you walk out from your plans to loose weight…..

Your usual excuses….
– Oh…I have to send kids to school in the morning..!
– Phew…maid is on leave…!
– After ages…I have to go to a kitty party…!
– My God…relatives are coming…need to prepare meals for them…!
– And I get tired of doing many things for myself…!

#Reason is only and only… LACK OF #MOTIVATION….

How to set yourself going?

– Set a realistic goal Write your Keeping your goal realistic makes it attainable — and when you start reaching your weight loss goals, you become happier.

– Find an old photo where you look good. Most people have a photo or two where, upon seeing it, they think something along the lines of ” I don’t know how that happened. If only I actually looked like that!” Find that photo and post it on your fridge, your bathroom door, on your desk — anywhere and everywhere you think would be helpful to stay motivated. Seeing that what you want to be is attainable (by you!) will make it seem that much easier and keep you on the right track.

– Get into books, blogs, and success stories. Seeing that hundreds of others have gone through the same thing you have can be incredibly motivating. Some of their stories may even touch your heart. Why can’t one of these people be you?

– Spend time thinking positively. If your thought process solely consists of, “I’m so fat. I’ll never make any progress” you risk of loosing increases. When you start thinking positively, the idea of accomplishing something difficult becomes more believable because you feel better about yourself. You know you can do it. And you can.

– Count your calories/miles/steps. Keep a food diary and record all the calories spent in the whole day.

Love yourself and feel the love that will keep on pouring from people around you..thats how you LIVE LIFE MORE !