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*Join our postpartum weight loss program and we shall help you get back into shape in a way that is healthy not only for you but also your baby.*

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We bring you the healthiest post-pregnancy weight loss diet plans. As childbirth not only puts your body out of shape but also depletes it of a lot of nutrients and blood. It is understandable that you desperately wish to get back into shape and knock off those extra kilos and flab. But, you must understand that becoming a mother causes some permanent changes not only physically but also in your emotional and psychological quotient.

You can begin your weight loss journey immediately after the birth of your baby provided you follow a customized daily healthy post-pregnancy weight loss diet plan designed by a nutritionist which not only helps you lose weight but also replenishes your body with the minerals and blood that is lost during pregnancy and delivery.

Here are a few things you need to know and understand before you embark upon a post-pregnancy weight loss plan;

  • You need to give your body at least 8-12 months to lose weight and start getting back into shape.
  • You need to choose foods which are high in energy
  • The stress and trauma of delivery affect your immune system; you will need some anti-inflammatory foods such as garlic, green tea, turmeric etc.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol.
  • You tend to lose vitamin A and C when you breastfeed your baby. Include a lot of vitamin-rich foods such as nuts, oranges, broccoli, fortified milk, eggs, mushrooms and beans in your diet
  • Consume adequate calcium to prevent bone loss
  • Omega 3 rich foods such as tuna, salmon, walnuts etc help fight postpartum depression

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