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At Live Life More®, we specialize in a perfect blend of medically supervised customized diet & lifestyle plans that are nutritionally sound, & scientifically proven designed to achieve optimum health and well-being

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Dr Sandeep Jassal
Dr. Sandeep Jassal +91-9815502203

Family Physician and Wellness Consultant
Speaker and Health Motivator
Formerly at
– Lifestyle Unit, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad,
Mediwell Heart Institute & Research Centre
Department of Preventative Health, HII, France
Associate Member: Research Board of Advisors, American Bio. Institute, USA
Association of Integrative Medicine, USA
Email: drjassal@livelifemore.com


Dt. Pallavi Jassal +919878443111
Chief Consultant Diet, Nutrition & Natural Health
Internationally Certified Nutritionist by Canadian Society of Nutrition Management
Health PresenterLive Life More Health Shows
Formerly at: Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Mediwell Heart Institute, Chandigarh
Healthcare 17 Multispeciality Centre, Chandigarh
Email: livelifemore@gmail.com

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Years of Cumulative experience

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and still counting….

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Charan Kamal SinghC. K. Singh
For Slimming, Weight Control

“I am from New York and amazed at her knowledge and skill and got Dt. Pallavi did a very good session and has vast knowledge. May God bless you.”

Namita Sethi-Dt Pallavi JassalNamita sethi
For Weight Loss

“Very Satisfying consultation about my weight loss with DT Pallavi Jassal ….she is very motivating, a good guide and soft spoken. That is what health coach should be like. Ideal…must consult her.”

Shiv Goyal-obesity-issueShiv Goyal
For Obesity

“Have all praise for her approach in diet management of all chronic disease. Dt. Pallavi Jassal is a wonderful professional. Her husband Dr Sandeep Jassal adds good points of his medical knowledge in the treatment. Complete treatment approach.”

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Learn to Eat Better, Feel Better & Live Better

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